Tim Giles Drums: Select Discography

Title Band/Artist Label Release Date
Strange Folk Twelves Babel Label 2016
I’m A Fool To Want You James Allsopp Quartet Impossible Ark 2016
Spirit of Adventure John Martin Fire Collective 2016
In The Kingdom of Dub Nostalgia 77 meets Prince Fatty Tru Thoughts 2015
Losing You Sara Mitra Impossible Ark 2015
Interlude Jamie Cullum Island 2014
Measures Nostalgia 77 and The Monster Tru Thoughts 2014
In The Chop House Tori Freestone Trio Whirlwind Recordings 2014
A Journey Too Far Nostalgia 77 Tru Thoughts 2014
Hullaballoo Dave Manington’s Riff Raff Loop Records 2013
Smart Casual Leverton Fox Not Applicable Records 2013
Impermanence Trio Bourne, Vosloo, Giles Impossible Ark 2013
Welcome To Bat Country The Golden Age Of Steam Basho Records 2012
Subjekt Neon Quartet Edition Records 2012
The Taxidermist Nostalgia 77 Tru Thoughts 2012
The Jeb Loy Nichols Special Jeb Loy Nichols Decca Records 2012
Things Will Be Examples of Twelves Impossible Ark 2011
The Sleepwalking Society Nostalgia 77 Tru Thoughts 2011
The Human Arm Leverton Fox Not Applicable Records 2011
Raspberry Tongue Golden Age Of Steam Babel Label 2010
A Flower Is A Lonesome Thing Allsopp Stanley Vosloo Giles Impossible Ark 2010
April Song Sara Mitra Impossible Ark 2010
Catch Me Neon Quartet Edition Records 2010
The Adding Machine Twelves Babel Label 2010
Fragments Dog Soup Loop Records 2009
Strange Faith and Practice Jeb Loy Nichols Impossible Ark 2009
Country Dances Leverton Fox Gravid Hands 2009
Headrush Dave Manington Quartet Loop Records 2008
Here Comes the Woodman with his Splintered Soul Twelves Trio 1965 Records 2008
Fraud Fraud Babel Label 2007
Standing Tall Richard Fairhurst Babel Label 2004
Where I am Today Max De Wardener Accidental Records 2004
Tom Arthur’s Centripede Tom Arthur’s Centripede Babel Label 2003
Myrmidons Hungry Ants Babel Label 2001
Courtesy Of Choice Leila XL Records 2000
Formic Hungry Ants Babel Label 1998
The Hungry Ants Richard Fairhurst Babel Label 1995